The best in the business

By Paul Arellano on 12/02/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

I have had the pleasure of experiencing a few different sides of TRG's service offerings. I initially bought my condo from Todd some years ago, and I experienced his professionalism from a buyer's perspective. TRG manages the property in which my condo is, and this is the nicest, quietest condominium community within miles. TRG sees to it that our community stays clean, and well maintained, from window and gutter cleanings to painting our wood trim and trimming the 100 plus trees on the property. Now as a landlord myself, having moved out of my unit and turning the management over to TRG, I have the pleasure of "cruise control ownership"! Every last detail related to my rental unit is impeccably managed by TRG. I don't receive tennant calls at 2am, in fact I never handle any matters directly with the tennant. My unit was well presented/advertised, and due to TRG's high standards, I have a well qualified tennant, and rental proceeds are deposited directly into my account, with all records professionally managed. I am new to this whole landlord arrangement, and it certainly is nice to have TRG in my corner, handling all of the details. 5 Stars!

Good Service and Communication

By Craig Donovan on 03/23/2017 (Published on RateABiz)

TRG allows me to have peace and ease of mind around the management of my condo. I tried to manage the property by myself and made some costly mistakes. There already has been some "hairy" situations that have come up and Todd has stepped up to bat and handled them. Glad to have TRG representing me.


By Rick & Patty Reynolds on 10/13/2017 (Published on RateABiz)

Todd Hudak was our Real Estate Agent. He went over & beyond our expectations. He answered all calls & texts immediately (which were many). He handled all our issues professionally, even those that were not required of him. We only had 30 days to sell & he collected all our offers & presented the best ones to us in only 5 days. He worked miracles. He was definitely our personal dream team! He treated everyone with respect & dignity. We would highly recommend Todd & his company to anyone who wants the best. Sincerely, Rick & Patti Reynolds

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Best in Class in all aspects as a full service Property Manager​
By Manny Fernandez on 03/25/2017 (Published on RateABiz)

I was actually a renter when the house apartments were converted to condos. Todd's sales team allowed me to live in another unit until my unit was remodeled. He was there when I purchased the unit and has always displayed a professional attitude. So years later when I decided to turn the unit into a rental I knew he could handle the transition. He exceeded all my expectations. His ideas on improvements gave me the best returns on my money invested. In fact, he already had highly qualified tenants screened before my unit was ready. This truly gave me a huge boost of confidence in TRG services. He handled all the upgrades which was a big relief for me since I live in Northern Cal. Recently he took on a master bath remodel which came out so nice that it made me want to move back. : ) Todd is a very good communicator and has given me a lot of comfort in his abilities. I highly recommend TRG if you want the best

High Quality Service Provider.

By Sandra Reiss on 12/01/2016 (Published on RateABiz)

TRG management continues to provide top notch service as well as invaluable leadership to the HOA board of directors. Todd's calm demeanor has managed to defuse more than one volatile situation. We continue to rely on his Property Management leadership on a daily basis. Thank you Todd.